As event planners, we struggled to find the right software to help manage all that goes into working with a venue and multiple vendors on event orders, audiovisual requests, food and beverage needs, and session supplies. Any "right" solutions were over-priced or didn't focus on what we actually needed the system to do - help us more quickly and efficiently manage all of the event logistics in one place.

There's too many "event management" software programs out there that do a phenomenal job of providing an event website, registration, presenter submissions, budget tracking, attendee management and more - yet NONE of them provide the ability to easily track multiple events, all related orders, room setups and equipment, and onsite plans.

Until now.

Welcome to My Event Plan.

With almost 20 years of experience in event planning and event technologies behind me, My Event Plan became a masterful blend of those two areas of expertise. 

"'s been a game changer for both
my team and me.”

binder clips and phone

Imagine a user-friendly, online platform that allows both internal and external team members (including your audiovisual and expo representatives, as well as your CSM) to collaborate on event details all in one place.

Now imagine this platform as a mobile-friendly website that’s easy to navigate from your very own smartphone and is reliable enough onsite that your four-inch event “Bible” is no longer necessary. I’ve had the opportunity to use My Convention Planner for large national and international events – and it’s been a game changer for both my team and me.

-Aaron Wolowiec, CEO of Event Garde

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